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Grand Master 15th Khan

Arjarn 14th Khan

Kru Yai 13th Khan


Khan structure of Muay

All Students are to present thier licence book prior to the grading exam taking place


All techniques are to be displayed 10 times to a set count or, to a desired length of time with any explaination if neccessary


A mark of Pass or Fail is registered


Students will only obtain the grade with a 90% mark or above

There are NO double grades


Students must train for the required time before Grading

Khan 1 - 4 Minimum 3 months between Grades

Khan 5 - 6 Minimum 6 months between Grades

Khan 7 - 9 Minimum 1 year between Grades

Khan 10 Instructors discretion

Grading  Scheduele



Kru Grades will Require a Trip to Thailand to Authenticate