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The Royal Navy MuayThai Association (R.N.M.T.A.) is dedicated to teaching the purest MuayThai to all service personnel that wish to learn the art from beginners to experienced students.


The R.N.M.T.A. teaches all aspects of MuayThai that includes a full range of techniques for both sport and traditional MuayThai Navarach.


The R.N.M.T.A. allows the students to take part in all competition from local inter-unit to World championships.


The R.N.M.T.A. can find its roots in 2007 from a few RN personnel, training at the Hanuman MuayThai Academy in Gosport Hampshire

with Arjarn Gary Gregory.

The Royal Navy personnel that were already students of the Academy asked if it was possible to start a dedicated Royal Navy class at the local establishments in Gosport. In November of 2007 after meeting with the Commodore at H.M.S. Sultan a class was started, with another at H.M.S. Collingwood shortly after.


The Royal Navy classes grew in strength and membership to an Official MuayThai organisation was sought through the

Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts (A.I.T.M.A.) this was arranged through our Instructor Arjarn Gary Gregory.


November 2008 arrangements were made, opening a class another Royal Navy class at Her Majesties Naval Base (H.M.N.B.) Portsmouth. This was organised with the intention of becoming an fully integrated Royal Navy Sports Association represented at the highest level. 2009 saw the continued growth of the Royal Navy classes in H.M.N.B Portsmouth, with interest from the Royal Navy sports commission being noted immediately.

The group were invited to H.M.S. Temeraire (Home to all Royal Navy Sports) on 9th June 2009 to hold the first official meeting and launch the Royal Navy MuayThai Association as an official sport within the Royal Navy. Plans were to fully establish Portsmouth Command, as the Headquarters for MuayThai within all of the Royal Navy.

With an aditional class opening on the 9th March 2010 at R.N.A.S. Yeovilton, through a senior student of the Association, the Association started to spread and grow.


On the 24th June 2010 Muay Thai became an APPROVED STATUS SPORT of the Royal Navy.


Due to our need to establish a world governing body it was decided that to best suit the Royal Navy and the UK Armed Forces contact was made and arrangements  to join The World MuayThai Federation (W.M.F.) followed


Working directly with Arjarn Gary Gregory and his Grand Master, the Association has the benifit and ability to train in all types of Classes from Sports (Thai Boxing), Traditional MuayThai and Combat MuayThai Navarach. Catering for all branches of the service.


Arjarn Gary, frequently travels the country holding seminars, to help promote MuayThai within the British Armed Forces and others. This is the first time the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom has welcomed MuayThai and it is with great Honour that we have appointed Arjarn Gary Gregory as Senior Instructor for The Royal Navy MuayThai Association.


The Quest now, is to branch out to the British Army and Royal Air Force to establish links and possible groups / camps.

As important as regular sport, Grass Roots is a way of advertising and promoting new sports and activities to both take part in and understand what is available to the personnel. The Royal Navy Muay Thai Association currently offer Grass Roots Muay Thai to all R.N. R.M. R.A.F. and British Army Establishments around the country. The days training can consist of


Traditonal and Military Muay Thai Navarach

Sport Thai Boxing


If your base would like a visit by us please contact the Association committe via





Snr Instructor

Arjarn Gary Gregory




RNMTA Committee




CDR D Goldsmith



PO J Mitchell



PO S Sharp

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H.M.S. Heron

18.00 - 20.00

Held by

Jamie Mitchell



H.M.S. Heron

18.00 - 20.00

Held by

Jamie Micthell



H.M.S. Sultan

18.00 - 20.00

Held by

Arjarn Gary



H.M.S. Sultan

18.00 - 20.00

Held by

Stuart Sharp

Heron-Badge Heron-Badge sultan_crest sultan_crest



Membership - £20 per year



Licence to train (Grade Book)

Full Insurance

Membership must be taken within 1 month of starting

Student Grading

This includes a full examination

Certificate of pass

Recognised worldwide at the highest level


Instructors Training


This includes full training

Complete Assessment of required Level

Certificate of pass

















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Vdo of past seminars and training

RNMTA Seminar 2015

LAET(M) Jamie Mitchell, 815 Naval Air Squadron.

Jamie started training in the art of Muay Thai in 2000 under the instruction of Mick Johnstone and Tommy Ross at Nai Khanom Tom, Cubernauld in Scotland. Jamie was hooked after the first class and what started as once a week soon grew to seven classes a week. Seeking more Jamie also trained with senior instructors Bobby Quinn and Mark Malloy who gave him personal training with a good insight to modern Muay Thai. Within two years he had graded to 5th Khan.


In 2002 Jamie joined the Royal Navy and found himself training when he could with friends to keep up his love for the sport. Always looking for a new club, Jamie stumbled across Arjarn Gary Gregory whom as Senior Instructor for the Hanuman Muay Thai Academy was in the process of establishing Muay Thai within the Royal Navy in Portsmouth. As Jamie knew he was being drafted to that area in 2009 he made arrangements to start training with Kru Gary as soon as possible.


Jamie has continued to be an important member of the association by taking part in Displays and events always willing to help promote Muay Thai. In Dec 2009 he took is first grading with the Royal Navy Muay Thai association and sucessfully past his 6th Khan. In April 2007 Jamie was awarded 7th Khan after completion of a 2 day course. In May 2015 Jamie Graduated as a student of MuayThai and was awarded his 10th Khan Red Mongkol.


Due to his commitment and enthusaism in training, Jamie was invited to become a Senior Coach for the Royal Navy Muay Thai Association under the guidence of Kru Gary and now teaches classes at R.N.A.S. Yeovilton. Jamie attends personal training as often as possible and continues to express a keen interest to further both his own skills and knowledge in the art of Muay Thai and by passing them on to younger and newer students. With these quailities already growing one day he will hopefully become a Kru MuayThai

Jamie Mitchell

JAMIE MITCHELL        RN Thai Boxing Coach (RNMTA Secretary)

10th Khan (Red Mongkol)

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Wednesday - Thursday


H.M.S. Drake

12.00 and evenings 16.30

Held by

Paul Scarratt - Dan Bennett



H.M.S. Sultan

18.00 - 20.00

Held by

Arjarn Gary