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As one of the very few in the world to be recognised by the Royal Guard of Thailand, Arjarn Gary continues to teach to H.M. Armed Forces and is available for Seminars and private lessons.

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Instructor and Advisors to HM Armed Forces




Chai Yuth is a system of fighting devised by King Naresuan. Known as the winning strategy, it consisted of very simple blocking and striking using the whole body as a weapon. The system defines many of its techniques in set  sequences easy to learn but deadly when applied correctly.




Muay Korat is one of the original 4 soldier styles of Siam, it was developed by PHRA HEMSAMAHAN

Phra Hemsamahan grew up in a warrior family learning to fight Chai Yuth at an early age in the old Capital Ayyuthaya under the King Champions, Grand Master Thon, known as (Cha-ngad Chang chok’s). He studied and fought many of the battles fought at the time.

Fighting in King Naresuan`s Army, he rose through the ranks and was eventually appointed the First Governor of the city of Na Korat Rachasima to defend the Eastern border with Khymer (Modern day Cambodia)

Mixing Chai Yuth with the loacl native fighting system of the Isuan people, Phra Hemsamahan created the unique style of Muay Korat which was taught to the Royal Elephant Guardians (The Jakulangkubat) to protect the Royal elephant enclosures.

It was first displayed in front of King Mongkut (1804-1868) by Deng Thaiprasert whom after a successful fight was given the honour of

The Kings Champion (Cha-ngad Chang Chok)




With its origins in the Royal Courts of King Chukalongkorn (1853-1910) Navarach was developed from MuayThai Korat and the 3 other Soldier arts of MuayThai. Navarach is a the most deadly form of MuayThai Close Combat and still used today by the Thai Kings own Royal Bodyguard.

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